Park and garden
The Jardin extraordinaire and the 7 belvederes walk
In the western part of the Miséry quarry in Chantenay

A 25-metre tall waterfall, a set of steps on a cliffside, seven belvederes overlooking a breath-taking site…
A waterfall pouring out between the crawling ivy of Parc Maurice-Schwob on butte Sainte-Anne hill. Giant water plants, banana trees, large-leaf vegetation, and even tree ferns, all participate in creating an atmosphere where visitors experience “the out-of-the-ordinary, the enormous — just like with Jules Verne.”
Overlooking the Jardin is an itinerary of 7 belvedere-style lookout towers: from Rue de l’Hermitage to the Lusançay steps, the belvederes offer stunning vistas of the garden and the Loire river.

Suggestion for a walk

Discover the “Belvédère de l’Hermitage, designed by Tadashi Kawamata and continue from belvedere to belvedere.

Crossing the Parc des Oblates – 100th park in Nantes with undeniable charm with a vegetable garden, works from le Voyage à Nantes, sheep, playground, reach Bas-Chantenay to take a break at the Brasserie Little Atlantique, a former on-board oil mill de Loire rehabilitated into a microbrewery. In addition to the view from its incredible terrace, a pontoon allows you to board the Navibus to reach the Île de Nantes.

For the bravest: start a hike from Chantenay to the valley of the Chézine, an idyllic little river.

Square Maurice-Schwob

Created in 1931 directly above the former granite quarry is a park designed by architects in an industrial landscape overlooking the Loire, making it an unusual but worthwhile visit.

Continuing the journey