Chapelle de l’Immaculée
5 centuries of existence, a jewel of Nantes

Today, the chapel is above all a place of worship, but also, thanks to its architectural and historical interest, is an essential heritage step. It will also host concerts, conferences, exhibitions, here the cultural event must "serve the place and not only use it".

When one goes up the street Henri IV along the Cours Saint-Pierre in Nantes, you can see a small sign which indicates on the right at the entrance of the street Malherbe : “Chapelle de l’Immaculée”. Few people pay attention to it and when we question the Nantes, they are very little to know this little Gothic wonder ! The small chapel nestled at the bottom of an old paved alley of the Faubourg de Richebourg reveals us, a piece of the history of Nantes and Brittany intimately linked.