2024 edition
Passage Sainte-Croix
Wildfire (meditation on fire) 2019-2020
David Claerbout
July 6th — September 8th 2024

Wildfire is a video installation of a forest fire.

David Claerbout plays with the boundaries that separate film, painting, and photography. Like a sculptor, he shapes time through compressing and slowing down images, offering viewers a sense of dilated time.
Wildfire is a video installation of a forest fire. In it, nothing seems to stop the camera’s almost imperceptible movement through the silent, blazing landscape. Even though none of it is real, Wildfire is both a meditative contemplation and a warning for the future of our fragile ecosystem.

Film : 24 min (loop)

David Claerbout was born in 1969 in Courtrai and lives in Antwerp (Belgium). He is represented by the galleries Pedro Cera (Madrid), Annet Gelink (Amsterdam), Sean Kelly (NY), Greta Meert (Brussels), Esther Schipper (Berlin), Rüdiger Schöttle (Munich).

Produced in collaboration with Musea Brugge.

With thanks to the Passage Sainte-Croix.

In the garden: Achronie 39 de Marion Verboom.


Achronie 39, Marion Verboom, Jardin du passage Sainte-Croix