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2018 edition

Particules is an exhibition designed by Evor confronting his own works with those of artists whose shapes, colours, materials and representations create a visual landscape where the vegetal and mineral, as well as the micro and macro, ceaselessly interlace. In his otherworldly and sensual atmospheres, spectators discover works evoking “all the substances that make up the earth – lemons, sediments, free and moving materials like sand, dense and compact ones like rocks… gentle and capricious particles like perfumes, pheromones, the first pollens and scents of flower buds – and the poisonous, fatal kind in deadly gases and viruses.”

With the works of: Guillaume AIRIAUD, Atelier POLYHEDRE, Léa BARAZANGES, Hicham BERRADA, François BRIAND, Fabrice CAZENVE, Marie-Johanna CORNUT, Gaëlle CRESSENT, Nicolas DAUBANES, Marie DENIS , EVOR, Michel FRANÇOIS, Irma KALT, Boris LAFARGUE, Angélique LECAILLE, Vincent MAUGER, Armand MORIN, Laurent PERNOT, Pierre-Alexandre RÉMY, Olivier SÉVÈRE, Keen SOUHLA, Thomas TRONEL-GAUTHIER, Floryan VARENNES.