It's over !
Galerie Loire
École nationale supérieure d’architecture

Oxymore – a Nantes-based collective from the 1990s-2000s made up of architecture students (among others) – returns from the ashes as “RE-OX” for one exhibition. Oxymore always drew their inspiration from encounters, which they used to set up projects, exhibitions, sports tournaments, conferences, writing fanzines, and music nights. They were always about being in the zeitgeist and producing concrete experiments in architecture.

In 2019, RE-OX is once again inviting architects, artists, experimenters, amateurs, and art galleries to set up and bring together art, architecture, sounds, writings, and illustrations thanks to different protocols in a wide array of fanzines – and in the Galerie Loire, which has been turned into a Fan-magazin (“shop” in French). These contributions will create a world that visitors can discover through the pieces on display, and through encounters with the artists. The intention behind RE-OX is to provoke a plural and collective form that questions current architectures. Fan-magazin is a place where one can immerse oneself, be a flâneur, chill, or read, for architecture researchers – and for everyone!