2024 edition
Atelier de l’artiste
Derrière la porte
Pierrick Sorin
July 6th — September 8th 2024

Pierrick Sorin has established himself in the field of video art, film, and the use of holograms, which he refers to as “optical theaters”.

This year, he is opening the doors to his studio for the first time.
Autoportrait à l’eau is “a poetic, mischievous DIY piece that produces direct visual effects” through its water tank, mirror, video projector and screen. Cache-cache dans les bois is “a magical encounter between painting and cinema with a war-like theme” that uses oil paints and a projection system. And Le Boiteux ivre is “a simplified optical theatre, with its technical elements for all to see…”. These are only a few of the mischievous, makeshift works in progress that will undoubtedly become the next must-see works in Sorin’s prolific output.

Born in 1960, Pierrick Sorin lives and works in Nantes. He is represented by the Aeroplastics gallery (Brussels).

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