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Voyage à Nantes : Le Parfum
Bertrand Duchaufour

Three renowned perfumers – Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, Bertrand Duchaufour and Mélanie Leroux – were invited by Le Voyage à Nantes to discover the city and interpret it as a scent.  During the summer of 2021, Nantes residents and visitors elected the perfume of Bertrand Duchaufour.

Atelier Polyhedre is responsible for the bottle design and scenography of the space in which three scents are displayed. This Nantes-based studio designs and produces ceramic objects, using minimalism to enhance the relationship between container and content, geometric forms, lines, altered symmetries, and the purity of colour and material. Their repertoire takes its inspiration from the natural world, vegetal evolution, geology and water.

To reveal the three perfumes, Atelier Polyhedre chose to stage everything in black and white where the shapes and materials conjure up a liquid world in suspension. On a black floor, black tables with reflective, lacquered surfaces, reminiscent of water and the winding contours of the Loire islands, will display a shiny white ceramic display case with a cone – an essential tool when creating fragrances. Each object will feature paper strips infused with each of the three scents. After this blind test, visitors will be asked to insert a transparent marble into the perfume container of their choice, as if individual drops were slowly filling the bottle of the future winning scent.


To be found in partner stores from 20 November 2021:


  1. Bazar officiel du Voyage : 9 rue des Etats 44000 Nantes - Shop online
  2. Librairie boutique du Château : 4 place Marc Elder 44000 Nantes
  3. Barak : 10 rue de Carmélites 44000 Nantes
  4. Les Esthètes : 27 rue de Strasbourg 44000 Nantes - Website
  5. Sacrés Français : 25 Rue des Carmes 44000 Nantes - Website
  6. Chamarrée : 4 rue Belle Image 44000 Nantes
  7. Mira : 1 B rue Voltaire 44000 Nantes - Website
  8. L’Inatelier : 1 place de la Monnaie 44000 Nantes - Website
  9. Librairie boutique des Machines : 2 boulevard Léon Bureau 44200 Nantes
  10. Librairie boutique de la HAB Galerie : 21 quai des Antilles 44200 Nantes
  11. Bloom : 18 avenue Sainte-Anne 44100 Nantes - Website
  12. Boutique Aelia : Duty free at the airport 44346 Bouguenais

© Voyage à Nantes : le parfum, Jean Depagne

Mixed fragrance 55ml - Created and made in France - Available from November 20

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