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Passage Sainte-Croix
Blue and Yellow Shadows
Ulla von Brandenburg

Ulla von Brandenburg has created a body of work inspired by the theatre, its imagery and conventions. Through the notion of rituals, she invites visitors to take part in an immersive and renewed experience of the themes, forms, and motifs that run through her work – like movement, the stage, colour, music, and textiles, to name a few.

Taking cues from literature, psychology, and film, she stages space in a way that questions the relationships between illusion and reality, the audience and actors. She creates lavish works imbued with beauty and mystery that are adapted to each one of her exhibition spaces.

Using Passage Sainte-Croix for its primary function – i.e., as a pathway through one of Nantes’ oldest neighbourhoods – Ulla von Brandenburg transforms it by spreading her work throughout the arcade. The artist’s different media (videos, installations and sculptures) inhabit the passageway, unfolding as visitors walk through the exhibition.

Like different acts of a play, the artist divides this work into chapters, inviting visitors to contemplate them as they stroll through Passage Sainte-Croix.


Ulla von Brandenburg was born in 1974. She lives and works in Paris. She is represented by the gallery Art: Concept (Paris).

The film Blaue und Gelbe Schatten (“Blue and Yellow Shadows” – 2021) was co-produced with the Georg Kolbe Museum in Berlin. Performances on 3 July, 2021 at 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00 PM.
Entrance at 9 rue de la Bâclerie

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Open from 03/07/2021 to 12/09/2021
Open from tuesday to saturday noon – 6:30 pm. 3 july to 12 sept. 2021: 7/7 10:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Starting on July 21st, a EU Digital covid certificate will be required to access cultural venues for visitors 18 and up. Then, as of September 30th, from 12 and up. For visitors wishing to visit the Passage Sainte Croix and one of the other exhibition sites of the Voyage à Nantes (Château des ducs de Bretagne, Machines de l'Île, HAB Galerie and Temple du Goût) on the same day, a dated wristband can be offered in order to present one's health pass only once on these sites. For more information on acceptable documents, please visit:

Passage Sainte-Croix
Rue de la Baclerie
44000 Nantes

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