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In the heart of Square Mercoeur park, Japanese architect and artist Kinya Maruyama has created a fascinating playground.

At the foot of the Château des ducs de Bretagne, a former arm of the Loire River was long ago filled in, and turned into a tree-filled park in the 1960s. It has been redesigned in 2014 to be better integrated into the city and, in the middle of it, a tiny space has been closed-off to make way for a fascinating playground.

Japanese architect and artist Kinya Maruyama has given birth to a sea-monster, freed from the deep sands. This long and colourful animal winds its way through treetops, offering its fin to the plant-life, its flank to explorers, and its open jaws to the most fearless adventurers. Between the rhinoceros heads and a dragon’s gaze, children will discover places to jump, play and go on to invent their own imaginary worlds.

By the same artist, Le Jardin étoilé, part of the Estuaire collection in Paimbœuf.

Discover also: Near Carré Feydeau, a sculpture by Éric Fonteneau has come to replace the glass fountain he created for the square in 1991. The work is thin and elevated, taking its inspiration from the site’s new landscape design.

Based on an idea by Pick up production, in partnership with l’agence In situ. In the underground passage connecting the northern and southern tips of the city centre, Qub has designed an original graphic piece which influences both the perception and functional use of the space.

© Martin Argyroglo

Open 24/7
Square Élisa Mercœur
Cours John Kennedy
44000 Nantes

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