2018 edition, Permanent art work
La Cantine du Voyage
La colline
Appelle-moi Papa

In keeping with their desire to add colour and reaffirm La Cantine’s warm and convivial atmosphere, Appelle moi papa dreamt up La Colline (“the hill”). With its round and generous forms, La Colline is a whimsical, technicolor land where you can climb, roll around, slide, play, lay around – and more!

The “Cantine du Voyage” has opened its doors with a brand new visual identity cooked up by Nantes graphic design collective Appelle moi papa, which can be found everywhere from the signage, to the décor, placemats, tickets and products sold inside. On the menu are organic forms, with a leafy atmosphere, candy box colours and simple shapes.

Appelle moi papa is a collective made up of five graphic designers. Founded on the old saying, “Strength in numbers,” Appelle-moi papa plays with images and explores personal worlds while never betraying a deeply held desire for originality and nonconformity. Appelle moi papa has worked with musical groups like Christine & The Queens or Luce, and designed the graphic design for many cultural events, created its own line of t-shirts, and more…

It’s in the Cantine!