2019 edition, Permanent art work
Le temps entre les pierres

Flora Moscovici transforms the enigmatic trace of a tall, 15th century chimney by hoping to awaken the emotional potential of this interior turned exterior.

“Observing spaces that I might walk or travel through, and paying attention to details offering emotions or stimulating my imagination, make up the first steps of my artistic research. the way in which light enters a space, the particular details of its architecture, the traces of history it contains and, of course, the colours – how they were applied and how they age – are all things I try to reveal… this is painting in the broadest sense of the term – in other words, thinking about painting through its multiple definitions by using this medium’s extremely varied possibilities.”

Using this same attentiveness, Flora Moscovici’s gaze transforms this enigmatic trace of the past: a tall chimney that conjures up the interior of the former Maison des Echevins (or “county magistrates”) that was home to the 15th century assemblées du conseil bourgeois before a true town hall was built in 1564. The building was destroyed at the beginning of the 20th century to create the street that exists today (over time, the work will gradually fade away).

Flora Moscovici was born in 1985. She lives and works in Paris and Brest.