2022 edition, Permanent art work
Marché de Talensac
Automates à l’unisson
Gavin Pryke

Gavin Pryke is a Nantes-based British artist and illustrator who is fascinated by representations of the “little people” that make up society. His polymorphous body of work is inspired by his many travels (Eastern Europe, France) and the cultures he has encountered.

In a nod to his adopted home, and as guest artist of Le Voyage à Nantes, Pryke presented a series of 13 animatronic figures in Rue Maréchal Joffre that portray a couple meeting and falling in love in the street’s shops.

This year, Pryke shifts his characters in time and continues the story in another part of the city – that couple now lives in the emblematic Marché Talensac: a major market for local produce and culinary specialties.

Ten new portraits of these true/false characters come alive as signs and marquees, all coming together to tell a brand-new story of love and humour that echoes the hustle and bustle of the market stalls below.

Gavin Pryke was born in Ipswich (Great Britain). He lives and works in Nantes. 

Marché de Talensac

Food market

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