Major events in Nantes

Major events throughout the year: culture, boating, gardening, music, cinema, performing arts … Make your program!

Major event, Sport event
2024 Olympic Games
Nantes hosts the football tournament
24.07.2024 — 08.08.2024
Concert, Festival, Major event
Aux Heures d’Été
Festival of World Cultures
04.07.2023 — 04.08.2023
Exhibition, Major event
Chinggis Khaan
How Mongol changed the world
14.10.2023 — 05.05.2024
Exhibition, Major event
Expression(s) décoloniale(s)#3
Decolonize your thought, gaze and imagination
13.05.2023 — 12.11.2023
Festival, Major event
Festival of 3 Continents
Cinemas from Africa, Latin America and Asia
24.11.2023 — 03.12.2023
Concert, Festival, Major event
Hellfest Summer Open Air
6 stages for 4 days of fury!
27.06.2024 — 30.06.2024
Concert, Festival, Major event
La Folle Journée of Nantes
Classical music festival
31.01.2024 — 04.02.2024
Major event
La Nuit des Tables de Nantes
It’s the celebration of Nantes cuisine!
Major event
La Nuit du VAN
All over the city, festive launch of the new edition of the Voyage
Concert, Festival, Major event
Les Rendez-Vous de l’Erdre
Jazz et belle plaisance: the only free jazz festival in France
28.08.2023 — 03.09.2023
See you in October 2023
Festival, Major event
Les Utopiales
Main science-fiction festival in Europe
01.11.2023 — 05.11.2023
Major event, Sport event
Nantes Marathon
To each its distance to discover Nantes and its heritage.
20.04.2024 — 21.04.2024
Major event, Sport event
Rugby World Cup France 2023
4 matches at La Beaujoire!
19.08.2023 — 08.10.2023
Major event
The Summer Journey
01.07.2023 — 03.09.2023
Winter's journey
Winter’s journey
Joyful, warm, and colourful celebrations, brand-new artworks, concerts and events promoting Nantes’ rich gastronomy.
25.11.2023 — 07.01.2024

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