Visit with a Nantes resident
The Greeters

Discover Nantes with the Greeters! The walk is free and guides are volunteers.

Follow your desires and those of your Greeter for a unique moment of sharing ! Meeting with a Greeter is the discovery of Nantes and its surroundings in the footsteps of its inhabitants in the city, on the Atlantic Coast, in the heart of the vineyards…

What is a Greeter?
“A Greeter loves where he lives, and loves to share it. I started the Nantes Greeters adventure following an information meeting. I immediately adhered to the concept, because in the end I was already a Greeter when I welcomed friends at home, I like to show what I like, integrating the Greeters was therefore natural, obvious. »
Audrey, Greeter

Testimonial : “Anne and Olivier were great traveling companions. We are delighted with this experience which is in harmony with the idea that we have of holidays. Discover a region but also its inhabitants, visit, create links, share in all simplicity… »
Frédérique and her friends, greeted by Olivier, August 17, 2012

Greeters de Nantes