River cruise
Vedette Gratitude
Traveling the Sèvre Nantaise in the vineyard

This beautiful english “vedette” of 1936, based at the lock of the oak of Vertou, welcomes you in navigation.

Each of the 4 services below includes a conference by your pilot on the history of the Nantes vineyard (from the Romans to the local wines), a presentation of the river and the boat Gratitude.

Discovery: 2 hours non-stop to the port of La Haye Fouassière (Sévre) or to the Pont Caffino outdoor leisure center (Sèvre et Maine). Exuberant nature, castles and wine ports, herons and kingfishers await you.
Departure 10.00, 14.00. or 16.30.

Gourmandise: a half hour crossing to the Château du Coing with presentation of the domain and tasting, return an hour later.

Initiation: 4 hours with lunch stop, walk on the Sèvre and the Maine, stop for a tasting in one of the neighboring wine domain: Château du Coing, Grand Mouton-Louis Métaireau, Jérémie Huchet or Josselin Bouet.
Possible ascent to the Porte-Vue of Château Thébaud (10 minutes walk), picnic, grills on board or lunch at the guinguette of Pont Caffino (not included in the service).
Departure 10.00 or 15.30.

Euphoria: a day to stroll along the 20 km of the basin and disembark at the various stops, Pont Caffino and Porte-Vue on the Maine, port of La Haye Fouassière, Gué Joubert, La Cantrie, Port Domino. We discover beautiful houses, old port installations with their wine-cellars (tastings of Muscadet in the partner domains).
In summer, you can stop off at the weekend at the Muscadet-tasting bar at the Château de la Frémoire.
Departure 10.00

Sanitary measures

Wearing a mask is recommended at the reception desk. Maximum capacity of the boat: 6 people.