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Bateau Lavoir

This open-air cabaret is a feast for the senses, where you’ll immediately feel lighter as you enter its bohemian atmosphere in the heart of downtown.

With the constant sound of laughter, you’ll find yourself in an enchanted interlude. Men in suits loosen their ties and roll up their sleeves, while ladies care little about wrinkling their dresses by sitting on the cobblestones along the quay. At noon, make room for high-end snack food. In the evening, expect French fries, sausages au muscadet, and fried smelt fish in a carnival atmosphere. Every Sunday, brunches start at noon with fresh ingredients from the found at the morning market, while a modern guinguette cabaret continues throughout the afternoon.

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© Val K

Quai Ceineray
44000 Nantes
Tramway line 2, 50 Otages stop.
Tél. 02 40 35 57 16
Site internet

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