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La Cantine du Voyage

This fun and lively restaurant was created for the 2013 edition of Le Voyage, and is now on the menu every summer. 

The “Cantine” is housed in a collapsible greenhouse and located on the banks of the Loire, alongside Daniel Buren’s Les Anneaux on Île de Nantes. Large unvarnished wooden tables by Wudthing – a label founded by designer Frank Buschmann – are laid out as if for an enormous banquet. Spread over 2000m2 (21,500 sq. ft.), you’ll find everything you could ever want in this ephemeral space.

La Cantine has been colourfully dressed up by the Nantes-based collective “Appelle-moi papa”. They have chosen to bedeck the space with simple shapes reminiscent of the different vegetal groups:
earthly, marine, organic, tropical, and rural. In this vegetal microcosm, La Cantine invites guests on a surrealist escapade they can venture into as long as they like.

Appelle-moi papa is a collective made up of five graphic designers who chose Nantes as the outlet for their creative drives. With “united we stand” as their motto, Appelle-moi papa play around with images, exploring unique and personal worlds while proudly seeking out originality and anti-conformism.

Appelle-moi papa work with musical groups like Christine & the Queens, French Pickles, or Super Social Jeez, create visual communication for cultural events, and have their own line of T-shirts so that they can wear something in the morning... In a word, Appelle-moi papa have their fingers in many pies!

With the support of les Fermiers d'Ancenis.

© Le Voyage à Nantes, La Cantine, Photo : Philippe Piron

Open from 02/06/2020 to 04/10/2020
Single menu : 11€ lunch, 14€ dinner
Quai des Antilles
44200 Nantes

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