Le Voyage à Nantes
Les Tables de Nantes
Les Machines de l’île
Château des ducs de Bretagne
Mémorial de l’abolition de l’esclavage

a little peckish?
Leave it up to
the Tables de Nantes selection!

“Les Tables de Nantes” is to reaffirm and enhance the identity of our cuisine through a selection based on several aspects: fresh and locally grown products, the quality of a cooking or a seasoning, a courteous welcoming, a good wine menu, a wonderful atmosphere, a good price-quality ratio… All the reasons for which you like an address and would share it with your friends, family or colleagues! You’ll find jury selected addresses for some of the best tables in town!

Funny but useful criteria guide you and help you refine your search. You could, by an original way, grasp the atmosphere of each restaurant: make your choice according to the neighbourhoods, opening days or depending on your desires and your moods – inviting your parents-in-law, for a romantic date, with your colleagues, a diner after 10pm, or on a patio… – all is done to help you find the restaurant you’re looking for!

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