Le Voyage à Nantes
Les Tables de Nantes
Les Machines de l’île
Château des ducs de Bretagne
Mémorial de l’abolition de l’esclavage

Travel through the vineyards
From Nantes to Clisson

Close to the ocean, the vineyards stretch from the banks of the Loire in the north right down to the Vendée.
The 11,500 hectares of Muscadet vineyards cover the largest area in the Loire Valley. Because Muscadet is made from a single variety of grape it is the biggest certified white wine growing area of its kind anywhere in the world and Nantes is its capital. Crisp, light and fruity, the different Loire Valley wines make an ideal match for the local cuisine.

The Voyage à Nantes continues its exploration of the area’s riches and turns its attention to the vineyards. Designed to gradually introduce an arts trail peppered with landscaped views, places to visit and Muscadet wine tasting, this is the first invitation to ‘Travel through the vineyards from Nantes to Clisson’ and the first step in revealing the hidden gems of this wine making region.

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