Site des anciens abattoirs (Rezé)
Transfert is a temporary artistic project that will accompany the transformation of Rezé’s former abattoirs of Rezé, near Nantes.

Designed and produced by Pick Up Production

At the city limits, in a vast, arid landscape, an oasis is taking shape: Transfert. A diverse collection of structures mixing progressive and modular constructions, hills and raw materials highlights the site’s singularity, telling us the story of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. By rehabilitating, transforming and lugging original artworks onto the site, the idea of salvaging is at the heart of this project. Between 2018 and 2022, this territory will be in constant evolution, playing host to new pioneers: artists, inventors, constructors… This unique social space will offer spaces for artistic expression, playgrounds and areas dedicated to work and reflection.

For its first season, Transfert will open to the public with multidisciplinary cultural and artistic events in an exotic, colourful, contrasting, and lively world.Transfert is a free zone accessible to the public where art exists out in the open, people meet and culture is anchored in the territory. It is an adventure that invents itself every day. A story that is larger than life.