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Quai des Antilles
The Vegetable garden of La Cantine

This vegetable garden planted next to the Cantine is a new kind of city-garden.

Covering over 900 m2, it produces tomatoes, basil, radishes, courgettes,
cucumbers, and more, all of which are used make the “Petite salade de la Cantine”, which changes according to season and harvest.

Olivier Durand, a well-known gardener among French chefs, has rehabilitated some of Nantes’ traditional farming techniques, which he mixes with other systems
encountered throughout his many travels.

© Christophe Bornet by Kristo

Free entrance
La Cantine du Voyage
Quai des Antilles
44200 Nantes
Tramway line 1, Chantiers Navals stop - Chronobus C5, Quai des Antilles stop.

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Following the measures recently taken in view of the situation linked to the current health crisis, wearing a mask is mandatory from August 14:

. In the streets of downtown Nantes
. The surroundings of the Erdre
. The North and South squares of the SNCF station
. In the markets

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