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Parc des Oblates
Paysage Devant
Delphine Coindet

For the Clos des Baronnies – the new private residence in the Parc des Oblates – Delphine Coindet infiltrated the enclosure: a thin border between private and public spaces.

Her sculptural elements disturb and alter the regular rhythm of the wooden slats. By playing with the enclosure’s functional and aesthetic ambiguity, Coindet sees it more like a range between the lines, depending on the different rhythms and variations, a variety of composite modules play out along the entire length of the stone wall.

© Philippe Piron

From 15 January to 19 March : from 8.45 to 18.00 / From 20 March to 22 October : from 8.45 to 19.30 / From 23 October to 17 November : from 8.45 to 18.00 / From 18 November to 14 January : from 8.45 to 17.00.
Parc des Oblates
Rue Philippe de Broca
44100 Nantes

Grassy surfaces and occasionally steep angles in park.

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Following the measures recently taken in view of the situation linked to the current health crisis, wearing a mask is mandatory from August 14:

. In the streets of downtown Nantes
. The surroundings of the Erdre
. The North and South squares of the SNCF station
. In the markets

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