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Sur le passage de Guy Debord à travers une assez courte unité de temps

When they met for the first time in 1987, photographer Jean Yves Cousseau and Situationist writer Guy Debord began a project for a literary and photographic anthology mixing text and photos of writer’s homes. Guy Debord drafted a list of 63 authors as the soil in which this idea could take root. But his untimely death in 1994 ended it.

This list eventually resurfaced in 2007 with the publication of Debord’s correspondence. Jean Yves Cousseau then got to work breathing life into this literary anthology. Pas perdus. Sur le passage de Guy Debord (Art 3-Plessis, 2018) brings together 200 photos enhanced by 65 literary passages (from Abbesse Héloïse to Guy Debord) and supplies the material of the present exhibition. Two editorial choices presided over the fifty works selected to be displayed: the theme of Nantes and the photographic techniques of oxidization and colourization.

In the shade of Clotilde and Bernard Barto’s Le Penseur, the médiathèque’s outdoor patio is the ideal place to read. The designers at L’atelier du Banc designed the ideal furniture to allow you to relax a while and read in the shade. Different modules contain works that one can consult freely.

© Jean-Yves Cousseau - Malakoff

Open from 02/09/2019 to 28/09/2019
from 13:00 to 19:00 (on tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays, fridays, saturdays)
Médiathèque Jacques Demy
15 Rue de l'Héronnière
44000 Nantes

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