Le Voyage à Nantes
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Les Machines de l’île
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Exposition collective imaginée par Evor
A group exhibition

Entering Evor’s world is like entering an alchemist’s laboratory that has partly named itself after its most sought-after metal: gold (or, in French). In this obsession to transmute a worthless substance into the most precious material of all, Evor seeks, collects and transforms.

Cataloguing the world in his notebooks, Evor takes an ongoing inventory of patterns, colours, textures, and forms produced by both nature and humans. He produces drawings, paintings and sculptures out of this inexhaustible trove that evoke crystallization, vegetal fasciation, twisting seashells, chrysalis formation... Whether they are made of plaster, ceramic, metal, glass, fabric, coloured with ink and flecked with mother of pearl, pierced with nails, chromed, or covered in feathers, Evor – whose long, repetitive gestures might sometimes resemble those of an artisan – combines finesse and simplicity, refinement and strangeness, sensuality and mystery to create these enigmatic sculptures...

Particules is a group exhibition curated by Evor in which he confronts his own works with those of artists whose forms, colours, materials and representations create a visual landscape where the vegetal and mineral, the micro and macro, all repeatedly interlace. In an otherworldly and sensual atmosphere, as spectators walk through the “Atelier”, they discover works evoking “all these substances making up the earth: lemons, sediment resulting from rotting vegetation and mineral disintegration. Gentle and capricious particles like perfumes, pheromones, the smell of spices, the first pollens and scents of flower buds, and the poisonous, fatal kind found in deadly gases and viruses." (Evor, curator’s statement for the exhibition Particules, January 2018)

© Evor, Particules, Exposition collective, le Voyage à Nantes 2018 © Philippe Piron / LVAN

Open from 30/06/2018 to 26/08/2018
Open 7 days/week, 10.00 am to 7.00 pm
Free access
1 Rue Châteaubriand
44000 Nantes

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