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Le Temple du Goût
Last Garden
Michel Blazy

Michel Blazy works with the living (plants) as well as elements taken from gardening (tools, hoses), or ephemeral items taken from everyday life (cotton balls, toilet paper, food, foam)...

Randomness, the unexpected, and a laissez-faire attitude are all at the heart of his work where he often explores nature’s ability to spread and take over everything in its path.

At Le Temple du goût, Michel Blazy offers an immersive experience in a space overtaken by charcoal and vegetation that feels like it could also be an extension of his studio.

In it, we find endogenous essences from his garden which he has sown into the charcoal. Alongside them are office supplies (printers, computers, or hard drives) that have been colonized by plants, as well as a fig and an avocado tree that defy natural laws by growing sideways out of upside down pots.

For the first time, Michel Blazy is also displaying his experiments with elephant grass (Miscanthus) whose rhizomorphic root system grows in the most surprising way.

Finally, as an extension of Acqua Alta, presented at the last Venice Biennale, he presents Acqua Nantes: a pile of printed images of the fountain taken from #placeroyale, which are eventually erased by the slow dripping of water on them from above.

From the same artist, "Sortie de fontaine", place Royale (n°45 on map)

© Michel Blazy, Last Garden, le Voyage à Nantes 2018 © Martin Argyroglo / LVAN

Open from 30/06/2018 to 26/08/2018
Open 7 days/week, 10.00 am to 7.00 pm
Free access
Le Temple du Goût
30 Rue Kervégan
44000 Nantes
Tramway line 1, Commerce stop

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