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La Sablière
Vraiment Vraiment (Talking Things)

In Sainte-Luce, there is a hamlet called Bellevue that once thrived with cafés and open-air dance halls. And Talking Things has every intention of returning it to its former heyday!

La Sablière is an arrangement of lightweight, outdoor furniture that plays with the topography of the site and allows visitors to take full advantage of the riverside view. It also offers them a chance to try out new positions to relax, socialize with friends, or simply gaze out at the water and dream. This lay-out is simple and lets you to use the space however you like.

© Gino Maccarinelli

Open from 10/06/2020 to 15/11/2020
Drink stand and snack bar : . September : open from Tuesday to Sunday . Oct Nov : open from Thursday to Sunday . Closed from November 15
Benches and outdoor furniture in free access 7 days a week
Free access.
Bord de Loire
44980 Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire
No swimming allowed. Adults are responsible for children in their care.
Site internet

Partially accessible. A helper is advised.

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Following the measures recently taken in view of the situation linked to the current health crisis, wearing a mask is mandatory from August 14:

. In the streets of downtown Nantes
. The surroundings of the Erdre
. The North and South squares of the SNCF station
. In the markets

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