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La Pointe Noire
Studio Katra

Espérance Café invited Studio Katra – an agency of young designers from Nantes – to redesign their exterior patio.

La Pointe noire is made up of different units situated along the quay of the Loire. Here, the public can sit and wile their time away, enjoying the extensive menu at this salon de café. Like the huts one might find in coffee plantations, geometric facets are assembled to form a single volume that juts out in places. The name of the installation is a direct reference to the town of Pointe-Noire in Guadeloupe – the birthplace of Patrice Laurent’s family, the creator and manager of Espérance café.

The materials chosen were also linked to coffee and how it is farmed. The wood of each unit is darkened and burnt – a reference to the roasting of beans, which go from ochre to brown to nearly black. This pigmentation is echoed by the burlap taken from old bean bags which have been covered in resin to form the white facets of the installation.


25 Quai François Mitterrand
44200 Nantes
Site internet

Mobility through the grassy surfaces is difficult.

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