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Jungle Intérieure
Hanging gardens

Evor arrived in Nantes at the same time he began attending the city’s fine arts school in 1994. Since setting up shop in a building not far from Place du Bouffay, his all-consuming passion for plants has resulted in the creation of a hanging garden in the tiny courtyard of a private passageway: a tiny, natural wonderland which he cares for every day.

“The idea behind this garden is to blend plants of all horizons – continental, exotic, Mediterranean, wild, hybrid, “weeds”, grasses, trees, bushes, creepers… – in a joyful, unrestricted mix. Only the limited available space restricts its expansion. It is a hybrid garden, in the vein of Nantes’ early public parks, where sailors brought the first palm trees and camellias… It is like a miniature botanical garden where the plants – all potted – determine the layout, moving about from one year to the next, gradually reoriented as they grow. 

Created for the 2018 edition of Le Voyage à Nantes, Jungle intérieure continues to blossom and spreads out into the space, extending on to the rooftop terrace.

The most curious visitors can even hoist themselves up a few metres off the ground using a wooden staircase built for the event and discover an unprecedented view of this isle of greenery overlooked by the bell tower of Sainte-Croix church. 

Jungle intérieure is a rare marvel and an urban oasis that is best appreciated in silence!

In partnership with the Municipal Parks services of Nantes.

© Martin Argyroglo / LVAN

Visible from May to October, closed on Sunday
Free access
Passage Bouchaud
44000 Nantes
Tramway Line 1 : Bouffay stop

Staircase, roughly forty steps.

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