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In the neighbourhood of Carré Feydeau right in the heart of the city, Nantes-based firm Barré Lambot collaborated with landscape designer Guillaume Sevin to invent Feydball – a name combining the Feydau neighbourhood with football.

You are invited to strap on your cleats and step on the pitch of their football field, with its bumps in the ground, its downslope and, above all, its crescent shape. The goalposts are not adequately shaped and spectators sit along the steps (which are now bleachers) to watch a match deformed by the grotesque shape of the field. The audience can also cheer players on while facing a large, gleaming totem, creating a sort of Jumbotron where what they see is reversed: the mirror is warped so that the field and goalposts remain normal, while the players and the ball are deformed. Architects Agnès Lambot and Philippe Barré have made Nantes their home since 1989. Their approach to architecture is a global one where pleasant spaces are built in reliable structures, created with the drive to seek out the highest in architectural quality.

Free use of the playground by children is under the exclusive responsibility of their accompanying adults.

© Chama Chéreau

Free access 7 days a week in compliance with health measures.
Cours Franklin Roosevelt
44000 Nantes

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Following the measures recently taken in view of the situation linked to the current health crisis, wearing a mask is mandatory from August 14:

. In the streets of downtown Nantes
. The surroundings of the Erdre
. The North and South squares of the SNCF station
. In the markets

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