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Fantastique Atlas
Marion Jamault, Noël Picaper

Marion Jamault is an illustrator, Noël Picaper is an architect. Together, they reveal the hidden dimensions of everyday architecture by developing a playful and creative approach to their craft. By closely observing details and methodically dissecting the geometries that structure the spaces we inhabit, this young duo has come up with a “Fantastic Atlas”.

88 shapes are named according to the respective stories they tell, their use, or the imaginary worlds they evoke. When these figures meet in the “Petite Galerie” of the Maison régionale de l’architecture, structural compositions of a new type gradually appear.

Like a subtle cadavre exquis, the action of bringing these silhouettes into close proximity transforms the ordinary into extraordinary landscapes.

This spontaneous gesture is guided by the essential desire for play, which stimulates the appearance of metaphors and stories that open up the way we perceive our world. 

This original project is the result of an architectural residency in Laval (in the Mayenne region of France), and produced by the Maison régionale de l'architecture.

Presented in the “Petite Galerie” – a window that opens onto the city. See it from outside.

© Picaper & Jamault

Open from 03/07/2021 to 12/09/2021
Free access
Maison régionale de l’architecture des Pays de la Loire
17 Rue La Noue Bras de Fer
44200 Nantes

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