In a fortnight’s time, the Voyage à Nantes will once again launch a full summer itinerary. For two months, art will appear in every corner of the city and the streets will become an open-air museum. Once again, the collection will be enriched this year with new temporary and permanent installations along the green line, like Filili Viridi by Jean Jullien (Jardin des Plantes), Rideau by Stéphane Thidet (Théâtre Graslin), La Tentation Domestique by Vincent Olinet (Hôtel de France, Bassin St Félix and Temple du Goût), and Fontaine by Elsa Sahal (Place Royale).
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Jean Jullien
Nantes-born artist Jean Jullien is a major name on the international graphic design scene. Inspired by the pop culture of his childhood, the artist creates sensitive and outlandish works all over the globe. This work is Jean Jullien’s first time exhibiting monumental installations in a garden. Characters and other whimsical and amusing creations have been imagined especially for the Jardin des Plantes in Nantes.

Filili Viridi by Jean Jullien (Jardin des Plantes)
8 July 2020 to November 2021
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Rideau by Stéphane Thidet (Théâtre Graslin)
Stéphane Thidet takes the viewer into a poetic world which transforms the installation site into a dream narration. Rideau is an enormous waterfall covering the façade of the Théâtre Graslin. This installation plunges the viewer into a state of ambivalent contemplation, between dreaming and anxiety.
- More about Stéphane Tidet -

La Tentation Domestique by Vincent Olinet (Bassin St Félix)
Vincent Olinet imitates the works of traditional craftmanship, but with cheap, modern and unfinished materials. His aim is to reproduce things that are beautiful and noble in the collective imagination. His work in the Canal Saint-Félix basin Pas encore mon histoire floats as if forgotten about in the waters of the river Erdre.
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Fontaine by Elsa Sahal (Place Royale)
Elsa Sahal works in sculpture, and most often in ceramics. Fontaine is a “garden monument” in pink enamelled stoneware. This three-metre colossus stands proudly in the basin of the Place Royale fountain, paying tribute to the triumphant femininity celebrated in the surrounding sculptural ensemble from the 19th century.
- More about Elsa Sahal -

Invendus — Bottes by Lilian Bourgeat (La Cantine)
Lilian Bourgeat distorts the perception of both objects and the space in which they are placed. At La Cantine du Voyage, he presents the comic vision of a garden farmer who left behind one of his work tools – a three-metre-high pair of rubber boots.
- More about Lilian Bourgeat -

Parfum Nantes
In 2021, Nantes will have its own fragrance, marking a first in France. The notes of this fragrance will of course reflect the richness and complexity that makes the city what it is. A perfume inspired by Nantes and its unique geography, streets, terraces, trade, history, green spaces, cultural buzz and creativity. This original creation is an initiative of Voyage à Nantes in association with tree perfumers (Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, Mélanie Leroux and Bertrand Duchaufour). The three proposals for Nantes will be presented to people at the Château des ducs de Bretagne from 28 November 2020 to 3 January 2021. Everyone will be able to vote for the perfume which best matches their image of the city. In spring 2021, the perfume will go on sale in a bottle designed by the Nantes-based artists of Atelier Polyhedre.
Humanité Végétale
This photo exhibition at Lieu Unique tells the story of Swiss photographer Mario Del Curto’s ten years of travel throughout the world, exploring the complex links between Man and plants. Here, for the first time, the artist presents his work on this subject in full, with over 200 images. Until 30 August 2020 at lieu unique.
This summer’s event will conclude with three major dates: the Tables de Nantes food event on 25 September, La Nuit du VAN, a night of festivities in the city on 26 September, and a huge Loire producers’ market on 27 September.
This exhibition at the Château des ducs de Bretagne highlights how important creativity and innovation have been for Nantes’ biscuit making brand LU. Until 3 January 2021.
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