Quartier Malakoff

Since 2011, “le Grand Projet de Ville du Nouveau Malakoff” (“the Great Urban Project for a New Malakoff”) has been committed to urban, social, and economic transformation. In this neighbourhood, with its constant metamorphosis, Nantes’s diversity parades itself before your eyes, between le lieu unique (a one-of-a-kind national theatre), the Pont Éric-Tabarly, a 220-metre long bridge and its high-tech cables, the grandstands of the reinvented Stade Marcel-Saupin stadium, and the growing number of contemporary buildings surrounding it, especially the Euronantes financial district.

Quartier Malakoff
Petite Amazonie

Péage sauvage

Near the train station, this space was the site of heavy bombing during the Second World War. In the 1970s, the project for a motorway was drawn up, but the project was abandoned, nature took over, and it is now the site of exceptional biodiversity. Observatorium illustrates this story through a “fairy tale of progress”: “If a project for a highway eventually allowed nature to thrive, our project will allow people to enter the urban spaces of the future.” The collective has created a massive wooden sculpture representing a stretch of highway, where we might one day invent a simple and pleasant life.

wheelchair-friendly, excepT for 1st floor.

by a member of the league for the proTecTion birds: 10, 12, 23 and 25 July at 3:00 PM.

price: 7€/full fare and 4€/reduced fare. free with le pass nanTes.

take ponT éric-Tabarly (bridge) in order to reach l’hôTel de réGion.

work created for ESTUAIRE 2012 as part of a pUbLIc commission by the mINIsTèrE dE La CULTUrE ET dE La COmmUNICaTION – draC dEs paYs dE La LOIrE. for the centenary of La LpO, in association with LE sErvICE dEs EspaCEs vErTs ET dE L’ENvIrONNEmENT, LE GraNd prOJET dE vILLE and L’aTELIEr rUELLE.
created with the support of La fONdaTION Edf for LE GrOUpE Edf and of le GrOUpE GIbOIrE, Official partners, with TECHNIcal assistance from les aTELIErs pErraULT frèrEs. special thanks ECJb.

© gino maccarinelli

Île de Nantes
Pointe est
Hôtel de Région

Portail 0°-90°, Portail 8°-98°
François Morellet

For this piece, the artist had fun with the restrictions imposed upon him: the first, that he had to create the main gate to the public square. The second was the location: on one side, the lines of the building, on the other, the Loire. If the first gate, straight and solemn, indicates the entrance to the public square outside the Hôtel de Région and fulfills the expressed demand, the second gate shakes it up and makes reference to the Loire, which is already guilty of sinking some of Nantes’ great mansions.
With this work, created in 1987, François Morellet offers a certain vision of the river. This relationship to the Loire is what we wished to highlight by making it part of the Estuaire artistic trail.

by the same arTisT: DE TEMPS EN TEMPS, work created for ESTUAIRE 2009
© bernard renoux