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The vegetable garden of La Cantine du Voyage

When the urban jungle turns into an island of vegetation in the heart of the docks...

Planted next to the Cantine is a new kind of vegetable garden that is reinventing truck farming, right in downtown Nantes. Covering over 900 m2, it produces tomatoes, basil, radishes, courgettes, cucumbers, and more, all of which are used make the “Petite salade de la Cantine,” which changes according to the season and harvest.

The man behind the garden’s design, upkeep, and output, is Olivier Durand, a well-known gardener among French chefs who is praised for the quality of his vegetables and savoir-faire. He has rehabilitated some of Nantes’ traditional farming techniques (like the use of a frame) which he mixes with other systems encountered throughout his many travels.

This feat of urban agricultural know-how has also mobilized the craftsmanship of many local participants: agricultural engineers, architects, builders, seed producers, irrigation specialists, and more.

© Christophe Bornet by Kristo

Open from 04/05/2016 to 02/10/2016
Visible everyday.
Free admission.
Quai des Antilles
44200 Nantes
Tramway line 1, Chantiers Navals stop.
Chronobus C5, Quai des Antilles stop.

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