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A publicly-owned local corporation, Le Voyage à Nantes is a structure born on the 1st January 2011 from Nantes Métropole’s political will and the city’s to take a new step to become prominent in the alliance of European cities: to position and assert itself as a place of destination, that is to say to be characterized “ as a landing location, a place where you make your way to”. On the national and European arena, the metropolis of Nantes is remarkable for its exemplary cultural policy that has continuously characterized it for twenty years: Le Voyage à Nantes chose culture and heritage as levers of attractiveness and of creations of activities.

The structure is headed by Jean Blaise: a specialist of touring cultural action, he notably created and was at the head of « Les Allumées » festival and of the Lieu Unique, the national stage in Nantes and was the artistic director of the first Nuit Blanche in Paris . The structure manages Nantes.Tourisme within the framework of an outsourcing-of-public services agreement, as well as three major cultural installations: Le Château des ducs de Bretagne (Castle of the dukes of Brittany), headed by Bertrand Guillet), Les Machines de l’île ( headed by Pierre Orefice) and the open-air museum Estuaire Nantes<>Saint-Nazaire.

Le Voyage à Nantes is a publicly-owned local corporation whose capital is owned by Nantes Métropole , the City of Nantes, the Pays de La Loire region, the Loire-Atlantique department, the city of Saint-Nazaire, the communities of municipalities Cœur d’Estuaire, Loire and Sillon and Sud Estuaire.It is fully supported by the territory’s economic and institutional partners

Direction Jean Blaise
General secretariat Maud Raffray
Finance and administration department Catherine Menant
Project management Astrid Gingembre
Arts programming producer David Moinard
Culinary promotion manager Richard Baussay
Technical director Grégoire Cartillier
Tourism management Claire Mandin
Commercial and Marketing management Aurélie Péneau
International tourism development Xavier Théret
Communication direction Stéphanie Olivier
Human resources department Colette Pialat